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Sound And Light Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments A Variety Of Applications
- May 19, 2017 -

Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments is our factory in accordance with the port machinery, mechanical and electrical industry, large and medium-sized traffic and ships, terminals, belt conveyor equipment, the actual situation and the development of products, the appearance of this product, warning lights using the most popular LED lamp manufacturing This product has a high degree of protection, simple operation, small size, easy installation, etc., with good waterproof, moisture, impact resistance to strong earthquake performance, after practical application, a variety of tones Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments tips to coordinate the work of equipment alarm, to protect personal safety has played an important role.

Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments Main functions and features

Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments function.

use simple, long hours of continuous work.

dedicated integrated chip design, superior electromagnetic anti-jamming performance.

flash core with a single chip made of special, the number of times per second flash can be developed according to customer requirements.

a variety of combinations of configuration, easy to use.

shell made of aluminum alloy die-casting, beautiful structure, can effectively resist the special structure of salt spray corrosion, the design has a good waterproof moisture, seismic function.

The main technical parameters

Application areas: the application of port machinery, machinery and electrical industry, large and medium-sized traffic and ship, terminal transport equipment

Operating voltage: AV220V AC380V DC24V

Power frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Speaker power: 106dB-120dB

sound frequency: 800HZ (D tone)

Protection class: IP56

Operating temperature: -30 ℃ - +70 ℃

Color: red, yellow, green (optional)

Installation and commissioning and use

1, should check the power and sound and Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments rated voltage is consistent.

2, voice sound and Police Motorcycle Warning Equipments with 4 M6 screws and mounting surface is fixed, the installation surface should be flat and have sufficient mechanical strength.

3, from the stuffing box access to the power line and control lines, according to the label on the terminal definition of the correct connection power and control lines.

4, check the power cord and other control lines connected before starting power.

5, the rotary volume adjustment potentiometer can be volume adjustment operation.