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How To Pick Your Helmets
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Helmets is the first equipment to ensure the safety of human body, the normal manufacturer's Helmets will have the corresponding standard attestation mark. Choose the right Helmets, there will be a different feeling, feeling more handsome, the Helmets with Helmetss along the brow of your forehead, the Helmets will not be in your head circle, not around the shaking, there will be no clamping feeling, but the natural protection of your head, breathable properties can not be ignored, the more pores, breathable performance will be better, to ensure safety, because some Helmetss although the vent hole is not much, but air permeability performance in the design can be achieved.


Choose a lightweight, solid, breathable Helmets is should be, there is a huge breathable hole, ventilation effect of natural good, with alloy skeleton, reliable strength, with coolmax® lining, wear comfortable, some Helmets front part and insect-proof nets, is a very considerate design.

I hope you can choose the Helmets that suits you best.

Helmets is to protect the head of the equipment, or military training, combat time to wear hats, people's transportation is an indispensable tool. Helmetss in the long-term use, there will often be some dirt accumulation, this will produce some peculiar smell, in the event of such a situation, should be cleaned. The detergent used is a good neutral, and the use of shampoo is better. In order to avoid odor, the use of detergent should be controlled. Do not force too much when brushing inside the Helmets.

The Helmets will deform the cushioning material and lose the buffering function. After cleaning, wipe the water with a towel or paper towel and put it in the ventilated place to dry, avoid using a hair dryer. It is important that we keep our Helmetss clean, and this is also a matter of personal hygiene.