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Antifact For Alcohol Abuse Driving - 5mins Uploading Illegal Data For Shen Yang Security Police
- Jan 08, 2018 -

The alcohol abuse driving is the "KEY ILLEGALE ACTS" in Shenyang. After the continuesly drunk driving investigation work, illegal behavior has been decreased obviously. In order to further decreasing efforts, Shenyang security police spent 1.8 million Yuan on purchasing new equippment for much quicker data collection and management to rule the safe driving. 

All of the Shenyang Security police would be equipped with the advanced antifact since the first week of 2018 for more safety city management.


Fast and accurate identification test

Greatly improve efficiency of drunk driving investigation


New measuring equipment for alcohol testing is able to make sure the collected data saved and gone to the management platform through the 4G.In this way, ensuring the law enforcement procedures, and supervising the behaviors of policemen. This device got a sensitive sensor for test even If encountered with any drunk drivier who meant to in-corprated, and the data could be uploaded to the background simultaneously.


Uploading data simultaneously

Anyone can't delete and change the data without authorition

The testing data would be uploaded to platfrom no more than 5 seconds. The data managment system would keep eyes on each alcohol devices, ready to receive any data. Once the data received, all of them would be locked and none of the relative people would be able to access it to change, even delete, which is able to make sure the accuration of the data.